About FLOORmaps Incorporated

floormaps tradeshow for decorative concrete and stencils display

Our staff is committed to helping you whether it be general questions, onsite assistance, or in depth design needs.

With over 10 years of experience working in the decorative construction industry we have the experience to assist in finding the most economical way to complete your project.

FLOORmaps Inc. is a family oriented Design Firm based in Northwestern Arkansas. We specialize in producing vinyl stencils as well as other useful material, mainly for the decorative concrete industry both in the U.S. and internationally. We also provide consulting, support, training classes, as well as artists to lay more complex works.

When incorporating elaborate design work on concrete, nothing matches the versatility of decorative vinyl stencils. The design possibilities are endless and the application process is both quick and easy, saving you time and money.

For more information about what services we offer, visit us HERE or check us out on social media!

Our team

Dedicated to quality and your success

Rachel K.
Creative Director | Founder
Kathren K.
Business Director | Co-Owner
Natalie P.
Chief Administrative Director
Karen K.
Senior Administrative Assistant
Caitlin C.
Junior Administrative Assistant
Jessica R.
Lead Graphic Artist
Eugene O.
Senior Installation Artist
Lexi H.
Client Correspondence
Lexie P.
Production Lead
Brandon P.
Production Lead Assistant
Nathan B.
Production Team Member
Ariana C.
Production Team Member
Strider C.
Moral Support Specialist
Raz K.
Tech, Mech, Heck Expert

We are proud supporters of a local charity called Concrete Cares now based in Mound City, KS. Their mission is to raise money for families stricken with cancer by assisting with bills, hospital debt, and sometimes even funeral expenses. Generous donors like you are the reason Concrete Cares can keep helping those who need it most.

Concrete Cares group in front of concrete truck.