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Vinyl Material

Use vinyl stencils to create a crisp pattern or timeless multi-layer design. The possibilities are endless!

Blast Resistant Material

Blast resistant material is perfect for creating a bevelled and textured look to your design. Fill it in with color or just let the texture do the talking.

Printed Material

Want a design but don't want to lose those bright and opaque colors? Have your design printed instead! Half the work with twice the boldness.

Pounce Pattern Material

Pounce material allows you to map out your design on the surface, leaving a light outline for you to continue your design off of.

Designs & Services

From concept to completion our artists are dedicated to making your imagination our creation, whatever your needs we can help!


You come to us or we come to you, we offer full training services on your schedule.

Material Sample Pack

Haven't found the right material yet? We provide various sample packs to make testing out materials and deciding what works best for you super simple.

A Standard Sample Pack Includes:

  • 3.4mil Low-Tack Vinyl - 2 Layer
  • 3.4mil Low-Tack Vinyl - 1 Layer
  • 3.4mil High-Tack Vinyl - 1 Layer
  • 6mil Vinyl - 1 Layer
  • Solid Color Decal - Random Color
  • 30mil Blast Resistant - 1 Layer
  • Solid Vinyl Print
  • Solid Vinyl Print with Gloss Laminate Add-On
  • Solid Vinyl Print with Skid Resist Add-On
  • 80/20 Perforated Print
Decorative concrete stencil pack example

If you have any questions regarding your sample packet, please give us a call at 832-329-3648 or send us an email at