Material Sample Packets

Vector concrete stencil of deer landscape

Sample Pack #1


Deer Landscape

Tree of life vector stencil for concrete

Sample Pack #2


Tree Of Life

vinyl stencil of flagstone pattern

Sample Pack #3


Flagstone Pattern

Stencil of game skull for decorative polished concrete design

Sample Pack #4


Virtual Reality Game Skull

decorative concrete stencil of a 3d butterfly

Sample Pack #5


3D Butterfly

3D donut vortex vinyl stencil for decorative concrete

Sample Pack #6


3D Donut Vortex

art deco design vinyl stencil for decorative concrete

Sample Pack #7


Art Deco Design

Decorative concrete stencil pack example

Custom Sample Design

Your logo or custom design that you provide.

Negotiable Pricing

Size not to exceed 2'x2'

Ameripolish Dye Concentrate

Ameripolish® Dye Sample

$8.50 + shipping

2oz Ameripolish® Dye Concentrate, covers up to 60 sqft

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