Massive 27ft x 18ft Pacific War Map Installed with Blast Mediums and Dye

52 Panels, no more than 2ft x 3.5ft, were used to install this massive 27ft x 18ft Pacific War (1941-1945) World Map at the Pearl Harbor Museum entrance in Honolulu, Hawaii. This project was a great example of how intricately detailed you can get with our 30 mil extreme tack blast resistant vinyl product. Clark Branum got us in contact with Hawaii's own Concrete Preservation Institute to start our year long collaboration. We were very excited to assist in our first big sandblast design ever. First CPI had to create a clean smooth base for us to work on so the large oval shape was poured with integrally colored brown polishable overlay. Then our pre-cut, un-pulled, 30 mil blast resistant vinyl panels were installed by a mass of team members, including Rachel Knigge. Using our descriptive reference sheets all areas designated for blasting and/or dye was then pulled onsite to expose the colored concrete. After all areas were blasted with sand using a Sandroid, they were cleaned and dye applied to the appropriate areas leaving you with this nice compliment of brown and natural concrete coloring. You may find yourself wanting to visit this design in Hawaii but unfortunately it was scrapped for a new method of install which we helped with as well.