Solid Vinyl Print

Product Description

Our Solid material gives you clear visibility of your design with no obstructions.

This product starts out as a 3.4mil gloss white vinyl sticker with your design printed in a Latex solvent ink. An excellent option for designs with multiple colors, gradients, shadings, photographs, complex designs, and when a specific color is requested (e.g. brand colors matched to Pantone or CMYK). Prints are a cost-effective solution that can reduce the added time of labor during installs. Just send us your design or give us an idea of what you want and we will do the rest!

This product is not intended to be applied on its own and must be encapsulated under a clear topcoat when installed on a horizontal surface. Please refer to your top coat manufacturer for recommended coverage. NOT for use with XYLENE-based top coats.

If installed vertically you can expect it to last for years up to 3-5 years sometimes longer if cared for.

Known Safe Top Coats:

  • 100% Epoxy
  • Water-based Epoxy
  • Polyaspartics

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